3rd Quarter 2013 Media Clips

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Voting Rights Campaign:

News14: Protestors rally in Greensboro against changes to voting rights

WNCT: Progress N.C. holds rally protesting voter ID legislation

Greenville Daily Reflector: Rally addresses voting bill

New Bern Sun Journal: Rally protests changes to state’s voting laws

MSNBC: We don’t want to be Florida, say the ‘Moral Monday’ protesters

Washington Post: North Carolina lawmakers aim to cut early voting

WRAL: Elections changes advance in Senate

WTVD: North Carolina bill would place new restrictions on voting

NBC17: Foes protest Voter ID bill with pink flamingos at Legislature

NBC Char: NC bill would place new restrictions on voting

Charlotte Observer: GOP legislators push sweeping election-law changes

N&O: Sweeping changes to elections headed to a vote

N&O Under the Dome: Republicans blasted for last-minute election bill

WUNC: State Senate Moves Toward Sweeping Election Changes

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show: Pink flamingos send message to NC Republican legislators

N&R: GOP bill rewrites state laws on voting

Raw Story: North Carolina poised to massively restrict voting access for poor and minority voters

Wilmington Star News: Protest at Wilmington City Hall targets voting bill

Lumina News: Groups rally against N.C. election law changes

Port City Daily: Voter ID bill, proposed system overhaul prompts protest in Wilmington

WECT: Dozens rally against voter bill in Downtown Wilmington

Greenville Daily Reflector Op-Ed: Cutting early voting a mistake

N&O Op-Ed: NC election bill courts a Florida-like voting fiasco


Voting Restrictions Bill Campaign:

AP: McCrory quietly signs sweeping NC elections bill

WTVD: Governor signs controversial voter ID law

WNCN: Groups file suit over Voter ID bill; poll says bill is unpopular



McCrory’s Broken Promise Campaign:

N&O: McCrory signs farm bill amid abortion protest

WCNC: Mobile billboard criticizes Gov. McCrory

Watauga Democrat: Governor visits ASU, King Street

High Country Press: Gov. Pat McCrory Comes To Downtown Boone

Greenville Daily Reflector: Group rallies against abortion legislation

WITN: Mobile Billboard Asks Governor McCrory Not To Sign Abortion Bill

Mountain Xpress: Protestors urge McCrory to reject new abortion law

WHQR: Wilmington Teams up with ProgressNC Action to Challenge Governor McCrory

Cornelius News: Protest greets Gov. McCrory as he arrives to sign revaluation bill

WSOC: Protesters take stand against NC abortion bill in Cornelius

WCNC: Protestors shout at McCrory, say he’s hurting women


Public Schools Campaigns:

NBC17: Gov. McCrory defends spending on education

WRAL: Teachers, others jeer McCrory’s education speech

WTVD: Governor Pat McCrory unveils education plan

News14: McCrory pushes teacher innovation, cuts to mandatory testing

Durham Herald-Sun: Local teachers, activists protest McCrory education summit appearance

Chapelboro.comMcCrory Proposes New Education Initiatives

Chapelboro.comProgressNC Says McCrory’s “Stretching The Truth” About Education Budget

Greensboro N&R: McCrory off on school funding claim

WUNC: McCrory Defends Budget, Announces New Program

Charlotte Observer: NC teachers and their supporters rally in Charlotte

WCNC: Teachers to rally against budget cuts in Charlotte

WBTV: Teacher protest education spending

WCCB: Teachers Rally Against School Budget Cuts

WSOC: Local teachers hold rally to protest budget cuts

Wilmington Star-News: Teachers see red, protest education cuts

WECT: Public educators rally against state budget

WWAY: Educators say lawmakers need to get facts straight on education spending

News14: Wilmington educators speak out on budget cuts to education

Port City Daily: Area teachers rally against state education cuts

WFMY: Triad Teachers Protest NC Budget Cuts In Greensboro & Winston-Salem

WXII: Education Rallies In The Piedmont

WGHP: Piedmont teachers rally for education

WFDD: NC Education Leaders Want the Governor to Call Special Session Over Education Budget Cuts

Camel City Dispatch: Get Your Facts Straight! Education Rally Held in Winston-Salem

Winston-Salem Journal: Teachers, supporters rally against budget

News14: NC teachers protest law ending pay raise for a master’s degree

Greensboro N&R: Educators rally against cuts, legislative changes

High Point Enterprise: Educators continue protest over GOP education reforms

Asheville Citizen-Times: Teachers to rally in Asheville over education cuts

WLOS: Teachers Rally Against Cuts

WLOS: Teacher Protest

WYFF: Large crowd protests North Carolina’s education cuts

Asheville Citizen-Times: Keever headlines teacher rally

Mountain Xpress: Education rally draws nearly 200, attendees criticize state budget

AP: Educators: GOP is masking cuts to public schools

Progressive Pulse: Teachers tell GOP: get your facts straight

WTVD: Rally criticizes GOP leaders on public schools

Greenville Daily Reflector: Teachers rally in Greenville

WCTI: Teachers protest state budget during Gov. McCrory’s visit

WNCT: Pitt County teachers are fed up, protest education cuts

WITN: Educators Protest State Budget Cuts During Greenville Rally

Winston-Salem Chronicle: Teachers: Lawmakers making it hard for us


 DHHS Corruption & Cronyism Campaign:

WTVD: Many teachers upset about pay as school year begins

WXII: Local Teacher Reacts To Controversial Raises

WSOC: NC teachers upset after McCrory staffers receive $20K raises

WTVD: Salary flap becoming headache for McCrory

WTVD: Petition demands McCrory rescind employee promotions

WRAL: Group calls for investigation of raises to ex-campaign staffers

AP: Groups wants raises for 2 NC govt workers canceled

The Mountaineer: Progress NC Action questions governor’s priorities

High Country Press: Progress NC Action: Local School Teachers Make Less Than Half What McCrory Staffers Make After Raises

News14: Advocacy group delivers petition to DHHS over staffer pay

AP: N.C. House overrides McCrory’s vetoes on two bills

N&O: More objections to raises

AP: Critics of NC Republicans complain before session

WTVD: Protesters deliver report cards to legislators

WRAL: Advocates use special session as a backdrop

NBC17: Critics of NC Republicans complain before session

WNCT: Raises for state agency workers

Asheville Citizen-Times: McCrory finds $10M for teacher raises

AP: DHHS gave big contract to Wos acquaintance

NBC17: DHHS contractor tied to Wos makes $228,000

WRAL: State health agency gave big contract to Wos acquaintance


Phil Berger – Orson Scott Card Campaign:

Huffington Post: Orson Scott Card’s New Job On North Carolina Public TV Board Comes Under Fire

N&R: A petition against Card

N&O: Libs and Big Bird go after Berger and Orson Scott Card

AP: Group wants senator to withdraw UNC-TV appointment

N&R: From my voicemail: Phil Berger, Orson Scott Card, Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler


Medicaid Expansion Accountability Campaign:

Video Highlights Second Quarter 2013

This is a sampling of the dozens of television news stories we received in the Second Quarter of 2013. In addition to coverage in these main TV markets, we also drove dozens more news stories in small and large newspapers across North Carolina. Click on any image or title to bring up the news report:

WRAL - Public Schools Matter - PMWRAL, Raleigh-Durham: Public Schools Matter


WCCB -Teaching Assistant Cuts - PMWCCB, Charlotte: Teaching Assistant Lay-Offs


WCNC-Charlotte-Teaching-Assistants - PMWCNC, Charlotte: Teaching Assistant Lay-Offs


WTVD - Ducked Critics - PM WTVD, Raleigh-Durham: Did McCrory Duck Critics By Playing Catch?


WNCN - Game of Catch - PMWNCN, Charlotte: McCrory Avoids Children By Playing Catch


WTVD-RDU-Ballgate - PMWTVD, Raleigh-Durham: Controversy Over Game of Catch Continues


WNCN - Charlotte - FlashMob - Baseball - PMWNCN, Baseball Flash Mob Protests Governor’s Actions


WTVD_Lottery Funds_PMWTVD, Raleigh-Durham: Education Lottery Money Diverted


WXII - Greensboro - Kicked to the Curb - PMWXII, Greensboro: Unemployed Kicked to the Curb

 Up with Steve Kornacki on MSNBC, featuring our Executive Director, Gerrick Brenner:

Tell McCrory: Voters Are His Ultimate Customers!

Gov. Pat McCrory talks a lot about the need for a “customer service culture” in state government, citing the lines at DMV as proof NC needs to be more respectful of taxpayer time. But what about the long voting lines that will result should proposed cutbacks in Early Voting become law? Tell McCrory that NC voters are his ultimate customers and to leave the Early Voting period alone! COMPLETED. THANKS TO ALL WHO TOOK ACTION.

Join us in Raleigh on Wednesday!

Join Progress NC Action this coming Wednesday for an hour at the NCGA in support of a fundamental right of all women. Last week, a bill was introduced into the North Carolina General Assembly that would dramatically cut access to safe and legal abortions in our state by imposing unnecessary requirements on doctors who operate clinics. This bill is one in a series of far right bills designed to take away the right of women to make the decisions surrounding pregnancy for themselves and to give control over these decisions to politicians instead — politicians like Thom Tillis, Phil Berger, Warren Daniel, Paul Stam and Pat McCrory. What right do these men have to make the family planning decisions for North Carolina’s women?   

This is a dangerous road lawmakers are taking us down and it needs to stop now. Please join us this coming Wednesday at noon on the Halifax Mall behind the NCGA on Jones Street as Progress North Carolina stands with Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other partners in support of a woman’s right to safe and legal abortion if she chooses. The rally only lasts an hour and it’s important — the ability to make this intensely personal decision is the root of a woman’s right to control her own life. We cannot have equality for women if politicians are allowed to make this decision for us. Please re-arrange your schedule, take a long lunch, do whatever it takes to join us in sending lawmakers a message: this is not your decision to make.

You do not have to be pro-abortion to recognize that it is not our job, or the job of lawmakers, to make this decision for other women. There will be people at the rally who would not choose abortion for themselves — but they recognize that this is a decision each woman has the right to make for herself. Please, let’s keep that right. Let’s trust the women of North Carolina. Stand with us on Wednesday.

Please feel free to save and share the image above on Facebook or elsewhere to help spread the word or simply to show you agree with us that this issue is important. And if you can make the rally, please send an email to katymunger@progressnc.org letting her know you plan to be there. Just look for the Progress North Carolina banner Wednesday at noon on the Halifax Mall and join us. Together we stand, divided we fall.

Thank you.

Tell Lawmakers: Take the 350 Challenge!

350 Challenge Take Action Graphic

Even though NC has a 9.2% unemployment rate, the 5th highest in the nation, right-wing lawmakers in our state want to turn down federal money for unemployment benefits and slash NC’s maximum unemployment insurance benefit by 35%, from $535 week to $350 per week. If Gov. McCrory and state lawmakers think it’s so easy to live on $350 a week, they should prove it. Sign our petition calling for lawmakers to take the 350 Challenge. COMPLETED. THANKS TO ALL WHO TOOK ACTION.


Will you stand with us?

Tell the GOP to negotiate the fiscal cliff in good faith:

In order to avoid letting recent tax cuts expire on the top 2% of America’s wealthiest earners during fiscal cliff negotiations, Republicans are threatening to refuse to raise the debt ceiling — endangering America’s ability to pay its bills. They’ve caused one downgrade in our credit rating already. Don’t let the Tea Party hold America hostage again. Here are the facts:

  • The federal debt is just the bonds issued by the Treasury Department, which are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States and considered the safest savings bonds in the world.
  • Not raising the debt limit would mean defaulting on U.S. bonds (most of which are held by Americans) and/or the federal government not paying its bills to the people and companies that do business with the United States, like doctors who treat Medicare beneficiaries.
  • Raising the debt ceiling does not authorize new spending; it allows the United States to pay our bills for money that we’ve already spent.
  • Republicans in Congress are promising to repeat again and again the default crisis that rattled our markets and brought the Tea Party Downgrade last year.
  • Economists have described their actions as “economic sabotage” that almost derailed the recovery and did more damage to America’s credit worthiness than our debt ever has.

Holding our country’s economic well-being hostage is not politics as usual — it’s irresponsible partisan posturing. Tell your federal reps to come to the table and negotiate without making economic sabotage part of the deal.

Fiscal Cliff Notes: all you need to know

  1. Everyone believes we should fix the debt. That’s a no-brainer.
  2. The key question Congress faces is who should pay to reduce the debt. Should the wealthiest 2% of Americans — many of whom helped get us into this mess — help pay or should the middle and lower class bear all the burden?
  3. Generating savings and revenue from any source other than the top 2% shifts the burden to the middle and lower class. Either by broadening the tax code, domestic spending cuts or by cutting entitlement benefits, the middle and lower classes will feel the most pain.
  4. We just had a Presidential election where the question “Who Should Pay?” was the central issue and Barack Obama won.
  5. In fact, a large majority of Americans agree that the top 2% should pay their fair share. According to the Pew Research Center, 64% of Americans support raising taxes on incomes over $250,000 per year.
  6. The best solution to fixing the debt is to get the economy moving again. Allowing the economy to go over the fiscal cliff won’t help the economy either.
  7. Ending the Bush Tax Cuts for the top 2% means a return to the Clinton-era tax rates when the economy was booming.
  8. Unlike tax cuts for the wealthy, middle-class tax cuts can help the economy by getting more cash in the pockets of people looking to buy things. Tax cuts for the top 2% are just another attempt at the failed approach of trickle-down economics.
  9. Some Members of Congress are holding the middle-class hostage to tax cuts for the rich. The Senate has already approved extending Bush Tax Cuts for the lower 98% and the President is ready to sign the bill if the House will act.  House Republicans claim they have a mandate for gridlock because they maintain a House majority.  But Democrats in the House got more votes on election day than Republicans did.
  10. Despite the bombast and rhetoric, small businesses are protected. 97% of all small businesses are under the $250,000 threshold. Even if they are not, the tax rates are marginal – meaning only income about the threshold is taxed at a higher rate.  That means if a small business makes $250,100, only $100 is taxed at the higher rate, while $250,000 is taxed at the lower rate.