Tell Lawmakers to Raise NC Teacher Salaries to the National Average

puppy-bill-take-actionNorth Carolina now ranks 48th in the nation in teacher pay and has fallen significantly behind our neighboring states. Our teachers are being forced to hold down second and even third jobs just to survive. Many are leaving the profession entirely while others are moving to other states. We must stop the exodus of teachers from NC classrooms. Send your state reps an email today and tell them to raise NC teacher salaries to the national average — and to do it quickly. TAKE ACTION

Tell Lawmakers to Pass the House Bill Regulating Dog Breeders

puppy-bill-take-actionA recent profanity-laced audio recording of a state senator’s attack on a pending puppy mill bill is threatening its passage. State Senate leaders have said they plan to kill legislation that would regulate commercial dog breeders in North Carolina following negative publicity over state Senator Bill Rabon’s outburst. Sign our petition and tell lawmakers to drop the excuses. Pass House Bill 930 during this coming legislative session.TAKE ACTION

Hold Lawmakers Accountable for Blocking Medicaid Expansion

medicaid-take-actionLast year, right-wing lawmakers in North Carolina turned down $20 billion in federal dollars that would have provided coverage to over 500,000 uninsured North Carolinians, boosted our state’s economy, and created jobs. Now comes evidence that this refusal cost NC employers millions of dollars and led to higher healthcare rates for everyone. Stop our elected leaders from putting their partisan political agenda over the health and well-being of North Carolinians.TAKE ACTION

Tell Lawmakers: Our Children Are Not Cattle!

children_not_cattleA bill is under consideration in the NC Senate that would lift caps on class sizes in North Carolina’s public schools. Educators and parents alike know that small classes enable better quality education. Children in small classrooms have more opportunity for one-on-one interaction with teachers and are more likely to receive help and support when they need it. Email your NC Senator and tell them to vote NO on SB374! COMPLETED. THANKS TO ALL WHO TOOK ACTION.

Progress NC on MSNBC:

In case you missed the April 28th edition of Up with Steve Kornacki on MSNBC, you can catch our Executive Director, Gerrick Brenner, on the show (as well as other outstanding panelists) by visiting the following links to the segments of the show mentioning North Carolina:

What America could look like if Republicans had complete control (Disturbing summary of what the far right has done in NC by host Steve Kornacki.)

Rev. Barber: We won’t allow voter ID law to stand (How North Carolinians intend to fight back.)

How North Carolina became a Republican hegemony (Gerrick addresses the Voter Integrity Project’s ethical problems at 2:20 and the full spectrum of attacks on voting rights in NC at 4:43.)

Where North Carolina politics foreshadows national politics (Gerrick lays out the far right’s attacks on public education at 2:30.)

We’re glad to see North Carolina’s current extremist political agenda exposed nationally and we’re proud to be playing a role in fighting it. If you would like to help by taking action immediately, please visit our advocacy page on Early Voting and tell Gov. McCrory to treat North Carolina voters like his #1 customers.

Take Action: Tell State Senator Tommy Tucker That He Works For You!

Tommy Tucker-PNCA Website Image

NC Senator Tommy Tucker, a Republican from Union County, has  a skewed sense of democracy. During a recent NCGA committee meeting, he told an attendee: “I am the senator. You are the citizen. You need to be quiet.” At the time, Tucker was angry at being caught trying to railroad a bill through the committee that would allow some local governments to stop advertising important public meetings in local newspapers — a move that would keep citizens in the dark about the very issues that most affect their lives. Don’t let an elected official get away with this kind of attitude. COMPLETED. THANKS TO ALL WHO TOOK ACTION.

Tell McCrory that the voters of NC are his #1 customers!

Gov. Pat McCrory talks a lot about the need for a “customer service culture” in state government, citing the lines at DMV as proof NC needs to be more respectful of taxpayer time. But what about the long voting lines that will result should proposed cutbacks in Early Voting become law? Tell McCrory that NC voters are his ultimate customers and to leave the Early Voting period alone!

If We Don’t Win At Education, We Won’t Win At Anything

Education-Funding-Action-Slider-MainGov. McCrory has talked a lot about NC’s need to compete with neighboring states when it comes to our tax code and business climate. But what about public education? NC was once nationally recognized for education excellence. Our investments in education gave us a competitive edge in new industries and grew our economy. Now, we’re 48th in the nation in education funding. Email Gov. McCory and tell him: it’s time to make NC’s educational system competitive again. COMPLETED. THANKS TO ALL WHO TOOK ACTION.