Progress North Carolina Action is a 501(C)4 social welfare organization focused on communicating a progressive vision and policy options across North Carolina. We make sure progressive viewpoints are seen, heard, and read in the news media across NC and online via email, social media, and on the web.  We make sure public officials are held accountable for their policy choices and that the people who are impacted by these choices are heard.


North Carolina will be its best when the state works for all people - black, brown and white - based on core values of fairness, equal opportunity, and respect for all. A state that works for everyone will put people before profits, offer every child a quality education and strive toward affordable, quality healthcare for all. North Carolina's growth can and must sustain its natural resources - our rivers and streams, coastline, mountains, forests, and open space. Our democracy must be open to all voters whatever their income or skin color, and free from gerrymandering to make sure our elected leaders represent the public interest, not special interests.


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