McCrory Camp Falsely Accusing NCians of Voter Fraud, Won’t Apologize

McCrory Camp Falsely Accusing NCians of Voter Fraud, Won’t Apologize

In a desperate attempt to cling to power, McCrory’s campaign had filed protests against dozens of individual voters, accusing them of felony voter fraud. The problem is: these accusations are poorly researched and often baseless. They accused 43 people of voting as ineligible felons, yet almost half of their accusations were wrong. And the campaign won’t even apologize for wrongly accusing innocent North Carolinians.

It’s time for McCrory to stop these accusations and concede.

From News and Observer:

The McCrory campaign remained silent Monday on reports showing that election complaints included false accusations of voter fraud, but the N.C. Republican Party defended the complaints.

A number of the 43 voters accused of being ineligible felons turned out to be cases of mistaken identity. Several other voters accused were serving a misdemeanor sentence, which does not affect voting rights. Republican-led county elections board have dismissed most of the inaccurate complaints.

The nonprofit Democracy North Carolina, which has urged McCrory to halt the protests, analyzed criminal records and found that 18 of the 43 – nearly half – were wrongfully accused of being felons ineligible to vote.

And in Guilford County, WXII News 12 reported last week that several voters there had been wrongly accused of voting in multiple states – including a 101-year-old World War II veteran who lives in a nursing home.

McCrory spokesman Ricky Diaz did not respond to inquiries about the reports last week. But Woodhouse defended the complaints.

“We have no apologies to make, and we will keep doing this,” Woodhouse said. “Nobody has been disenfranchised or, to my knowledge, inconvenienced.”

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