As NCAA deadline approaches, NCGOP shirks responsibility to repeal HB2

RALEIGH — Progress NC Action Executive Director Gerrick Brenner released the following statement on Wednesday in response to the NCGOP’s attempts to deflect responsibility for fully repealing HB2 onto Governor Cooper:

“The solution to HB2 is simply a full and clean repeal of this discriminatory law,” said Brenner. “Instead, the NCGOP is lashing out and trying to deflect responsibility for their refusal to solve a damaging problem they created and have the power to fix. Republicans have the votes to pass anything they want in the General Assembly. But as deadlines loom, it looks increasingly clear that what they really want is to continue to discriminate, even at the risk of the NCAA blackballing North Carolina for the next six years. HB2 has already cost the state thousands of jobs, millions in revenue, and our state’s good reputation. Rather than point fingers, the politicians who passed HB2 and have the power to repeal HB2 should simply do the right thing and repeal HB2.”

If HB2 isn’t repealed soon, North Carolina will lose the chance to host NCAA and ACC tournaments for the next six years. North Carolina’s NCAA bids alone represent over $250 million in economic activity, which would be lost if lawmakers do not act to fully repeal HB2.

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