WCNC: Demonstrators protest outside Sen. Thom Tillis’ lakefront home

WCNC: Demonstrators protest outside Sen. Thom Tillis’ lakefront home

Thom Tillis refuses to hold an in-person town hall with his constituents and they’re not happy about it. Tillis is going to have a huge say in whether or not TrumpCare passes, yet he refuses to talk with the people he represents. Because he won’t meet with the people, the people are coming to him and sharing their personal health care stories. Friday, demonstrators gathered on three pontoon boats outside of Tillis’ lake house to tell him how ObamaCare has impacted their lives and what will happen to them if the GOP’s terrible health care bills pass. 

From WCNC:

“I am so upset with what is going on with health care,” Blumenthal added.

Another demonstrator, Leslie Boyd, said her son died in 2008, unable to afford insurance.

“The Affordable Care Act would have saved his life,” Boyd said, saying Americans struggle to get insurance while Tillis and others in Congress can afford to purchase the best health care on the market. 

Many of those at the watery demonstration have been at other protests this year at Tillis’s office in North Charlotte.

They say they are frustrated that even during this Congressional recess, he will not take the time to meet with the people who he represents.

Sheila Hamden says her daughter has a long-term illness and will have no insurance when she turns 26 next year.

Under “Obamacare,” her daughter was covered by Hamden’s insurance and she fears that will change when she turns 26.

Her message to Senator Tillis: “Don’t let my daughter die.”

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