Email shows McCrory administration was told of GenX contamination and did nothing

It’s clear from an email sent in 2016 that the McCrory administration was alerted to the presence of GenX in the Cape Fear River.  Nothing, so far, has been done to help the people of Eastern North Carolina ensure the water they drink every day is safe.  Residents deserve some answers about their water, and they deserve some action now.


Local groups joined the Raleigh special interest group Progress NC Action over the issue of when did former Governor Pat McRory know about Gen-X. They revealed an email thread that was sent last November to several department of environmental quality staffers. The email does not show the governor’s office was directly informed.

“It boils down to partisan Raleigh politics as usual,” says Gerrick Brenner at the news conference.

The email thread alerted the environmental department of the chemical compound. It was sent by NC State professor Detlef Knappe. The main message of the news conference was to challenge lawmakers in the Republican leadership to look into it.

“The legislature at this point is involved in a partisan blame game and it’s not serving the public,” says Brenner with the group Progress NC Action.

Local lawmakers we heard from plan to look into the email as well as a long list of other instances surrounding the chemical discharges into the Cape Fear River by Chemours.

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