Fox 46: City considering changes at abortion clinic targeted by protests

Fox 46: City considering changes at abortion clinic targeted by protests

Protests at A Preferred Women’s Health Center in Charlotte have been going on for years, especially on weekends. Just two weeks ago, on a Saturday, hundreds of protesters from local churches gathered outside of the clinic screaming and praying and harassing every single person that visited the clinic. In lieu of this, the Charlotte City Council is now considering putting up “No Parking” signs on Latrobe Drive to prevent these terrible protest from happening. They hope that these parking signs will lead to changes that create a stigma-free environment for women seeking abortion care in Charlotte.

From Fox 46:

Protests at this abortion clinic on Latrobe Drive have been happening for years. City leaders are considering installing no parking signs outside the clinic after continued complaints.

Pro-life supporters started and ended Monday’s Charlotte City Council meeting with a prayer.

There was nothing on the agenda suggesting changes on Latrobe Drive, but that didn’t stop those from both sides of the issue from speaking.

“Come to Latrobe Drive, particularly on a Saturday and see what it’s like. Drive down the street and imagine you are trying to get to a doctor’s appointment and the circus you have to go through,” said an employee at the clinic.

But those who protest outside offered a different version of the events taking place.

 “We are never hostile down there. We are just walking in love, praying, worshipping, doing those things within the confines of the law that are ok to do,” said Dr. Gabriel Rogers, Pastor at the Kingdom Christian Chruch.

Employees at the clinic say at times hundreds of people may be on the sidewalk outside. The City of Charlotte has received several complaints, mostly about safety.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts says a committee will consider in October if changes need to be made, including installing no parking signs in front of the clinic.

Eleanore Wood

Digital Director

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