From The Charlotte Observer: Aktion Club of Lake Norman donates school supplies

Schools this year faced a serious lack of funding for classroom supplies.  When adjusted for inflation and enrollment classroom budgets have been cut by 50% over the last ten years.  Teachers on average are spending $500 of their own money on essential supplies.  Communities are now stepping up to fill in those funding gaps with fundraisers all over the state.  How much longer are our legislators going to continue to give tax cuts to corporations while our classrooms are lacking essential supplies like pencils, paper, even cleaning supplies?

From The Charlotte Observer

The Aktion Club of Lake Norman, a group of special need adults, met with Principal Jaime Tecza of J.V. Washam Elementary School to donate school supplies the group collected in a special school drive over the past couple of months. Club members gathered pencils, pens, erasers, notebook and computer paper, clipboards, tablets, and spiral notebooks that can be used in the classroom. Aktion Club Advisor Steve McIlwaine encouraged the group to solicit the supplies from parents, friends and area businesses. The club is sponsored by the Lake Norman Kiwanis Club, which also joined in the effort.

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