The Washington Post: Trump thrusts abortion fight into crucial midterm elections

The Washington Post: Trump thrusts abortion fight into crucial midterm elections

The Trump administration announced that it is taking action to dismantle federal funding for health clinics. The proposed change would mean ANY health clinic that even mentions abortion services to patients cannot receive Title X funds, which means many would be forced to choose between actual health care and closing their doors. Doctors and nurses must be able to give their patients the full range of care, options, and information. Abortion is safe and legal, and prohibiting its mention is an attack on access.

From The Washington Post

WASHINGTON — The Trump administration acted Friday to bar taxpayer-funded family planning clinics from referring women for abortions, energizing its conservative political base ahead of crucial midterm elections while setting the stage for new legal battles.

The Health and Human Services Department sent its proposal to rewrite the rules to the White House, setting in motion a regulatory process that could take months. Scant on details, an administration overview of the plan said it would echo a Reagan-era rule by banning abortion referrals by federally funded clinics and forbidding them from locating in facilities that also provide abortions.

Planned Parenthood, a principal provider of family planning, abortion services and basic preventive care for women, said the plan appears designed to target the organization. “The end result would make it impossible for women to come to Planned Parenthood, who are counting on us every day,” said executive vice president Dawn Laguens.

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