How you can help end the GOP budget standoff

How you can help end the GOP budget standoff

The Republican-created budget standoff is in its third month now as the GOP majority refuses to either hold an override vote on Gov. Roy Cooper’s budget veto, or negotiate with the governor for a budget that works for everyone. 


  • The state budget is more than two months late.
  • North Carolina’s public schools are underfunded. 
  • Educators are working without a raise.
  • Teachers spend on average $526 of their own money to buy basic classroom supplies because past state budgets have cut money for supplies.
  • Rural hospitals are under serious financial stress.
  • Hundreds of thousands are working without healthcare and can’t afford insurance.
  • Meanwhile, state lawmakers have wasted over $1 million in taxpayer money since the budget deadline without voting on a spending plan.


  • Take a vote: If the GOP wants to override Gov. Cooper’s budget veto, they need to vote. If they don’t have the votes to override the budget veto.
  • Then compromise: If Republicans don’t have enough votes, they need to move on and compromise. Voters, taxpayers, business owners, educators all expect politicians to do their job. Move NC forward for everyone.
  • NC has the resources for a budget that fully funds our public schools and brings affordable healthcare to 600,000 people, creates 37,000 healthcare jobs, and makes healthcare more affordable for everyone. 


If you live in a Republican district, call your state lawmaker and tell him: “North Carolina needs a state budget. Our public schools and rural hospitals need a state budget. It’s time to stop stonewalling and time to start compromising.”

Eleanore Wood

Digital Director

Stay Informed