Citizens are speaking up to legislators. Adopt non-partisan redistricting now

Citizens are speaking up to legislators. Adopt non-partisan redistricting now

With eight out of the 13 public hearings on redistricting completed, North Carolinians are sending a strong message to legislators, particularly Republicans; we need a fair, inclusive and transparent redistricting process.

Historically, Republicans have consolidated power through voter suppression laws and gerrymandering — making it difficult for Black and Brown North Carolinians to cast their ballots. The scores of North Carolinians speaking out at the recent public hearings are making it clear that our communities want an end to the practice of politicians hand-picking their voters. 

  • “We the people want to elect legislators that are loyal to our communities and not to the parties themselves. We want a democracy that is a government of the people, by the people and for the people — not politicians,” a Greenville resident stated at a public hearing.
  • “The redistricting of the past has slashed our city to pieces,” a High Point resident stated during the Alamance County hearing. “Districts will be more compact because voters will be closer to their representatives.”
  • “We want to see a process that does not consider partisan data — like voter registration levels or voting histories or an incumbent’s places of residence,” a Greenville resident stated at the Pitt County hearing.

For too long, gerrymandering has been used to deprive North Carolinians of the most fundamental of their constitutional rights: the right to participate equally in the political process and to choose their representatives.

The recent testimonials from residents across our state emphasize that North Carolinians want and need lawmakers that represent them. But that cannot happen if our voices are being silenced by inaccurate maps that were drawn with the intent of diluting the voting power for many.

In the end, North Carolinians deserve a fair and transparent redistricting process that protects voters’ interests first – not politicians. Advocates and Democratic lawmakers have already laid the groundwork, now it’s time for Republicans to show that our communities’ interests come first.

Want to make your voice heard? Here’s how to participate:

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