President Biden’s First Year

President Biden’s First Year

Tomorrow marks the first year since the Biden-Harris Administration took office. Despite inheriting a nation recovering from a right-wing attack, divisive presidency, a pandemic and economic crises, President Joe Biden’s administration has taken numerous decisive actions to restore and strengthen the country.

During the first year in office, President Biden has far outpaced his predecessor in the number of executive actions taken during his first year in office. The Biden-Harris Administration has pushed for transformative change through the passage of several once-in-a-generation investments and key legislation, including: 

  • The passage of the American Rescue Plan which sent $1,400 stimulus checks to millions, and its monthly payments to families have been hailed as a transformative anti-poverty program.
  • COVID-19-relief package that helped families—and states and cities—weather the financial hardship caused by the pandemic.
  • Smooth rollout of the major COVID-19 vaccines that offered protection to more than 200 million people.
  • The passage of the infrastructure law that won bi-partisan support and made a once-in-a-generation investment towards our nation’s infrastructure.
  • The introduction of the Child Tax Credit, which provided critical support to hardworking families to pay the bills and buy food, and helped parents afford quality child care.
  • In terms of job growth, the economy created nearly as many jobs in President Joe Biden’s first year as were created in Donald Trump’s first three years combined. According to a recent report, U.S. job growth in Biden’s first year topped 6.4 million.

The Biden-Harris administration’s first year has marked a turning point for our nation.

Amid nationally coordinated attacks by Republicans to take us backwards, make it harder to vote and block relief our families need, Democrats have been able to move the needle by passing meaningful legislation aimed at setting the country back on the right path. 

As we head into 2022, the fight will continue in protecting our freedom to vote and making the changes that will bring us closer to the beloved community Dr. King envisioned.

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Alanna Joyner

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