Education advocates rally after Lt. Governor calls for banning certain books

Education advocates rally after Lt. Governor calls for banning certain books

On Monday, educators, parents, and elected officials called out state Republicans efforts to censor educators and erase the Black experience from American history taught to our children amid Black History Month.

Throughout February, Progress North Carolina Action asked North Carolinians which banned books state Republican leaders needed to review to be reminded of who we are, and help them make informed decisions to ensure our state is a more just and equitable place for all.

Ultimately, North Carolinians voted for titles such as, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou, “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker, and “This is Your Time” by Ruby Bridges”, that were delivered to Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson, Senate Pro Tempore Phil Berger, and Speaker Tim Moore following the press conference.

  • Across the country, Republicans have introduced bills to censor how teachers educate students, and have pushed several school districts and libraries to ban books that highlight Black and Brown experiences, gender and sexual orientation.
  • In North Carolina, book bans or attempts to remove books have been seen in Wake, Union, Haywood and Orange counties.
  • “At every turn, my Republican colleagues remind us that they do not believe North Carolina’s youth deserve a free and constitutionally sound education,” stated state representative Rosa Gill. “Our children do not need to be handed over to authorities or institutions. Our teachers do not need to be silenced or censored. Instead, as legislators, we need to trust parents and educators as they work together to create a safe, learning environment in which kids of all backgrounds can grow”.

Black History Month marks a time to cultivate knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the Black experience within the nation’s history. Yet, state Republicans spent their time spearheading censorship efforts aimed at erasing prominent leaders, movements, and silencing Black voices.

We hope through the book delivery, state Republican leaders will finally sit down and read about the history of our nation, and what it can look like if we practice a multi-racial democracy.

Go to and report any book bans in your community!

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Alanna Joyner

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