North Carolina communities and advocates push for change amid Roe V. Wade opinion

North Carolina communities and advocates push for change amid Roe V. Wade opinion

While the draft from the Supreme Court to dismantle the fundamental right to abortion was a shock to millions of Americans, advocates around the nation have been sounding the alarm for months.

In North Carolina, advocates have been seeing the writing on the wall for years, and understand the importance of protecting reproductive health for communities across the state. 

  • “While we’ve expected this outcome ever since the previous administration stacked the Court with anti-abortion justices, it will still be a tremendous loss for millions around the country,” stated Pro-Choice North Carolina in a press release.
  • As communities, faith leaders, and activists continue to protest days after the alarming draft was unveiled, groups are spearheading efforts to guarantee voices are being heard on the streets and through the ballot box.
  • “We can’t sit on our hands,” stated Irene Godínez, Executive Director of Poder NC Action. “This is our organizing opportunity to bring folks into this fight. It’s a fight for abortion and protecting safe and legal abortions, but it’s also a fight for bodily autonomy.”

Abortion is safe and legal in North Carolina, and even immediately after the Supreme Court issues their final decision, the future of abortion rights depends on the state’s elected officials.

This year’s election couldn’t be any more important, as reproductive freedom and many other issues are on the ballot this year. By voting, communities across the state could ensure the protection of reproductive rights by electing pro-reproductive health leaders.

Alanna Joyner

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