NC Democrats introduce ‘Freedom to Vote Act’ to protect free and fair elections for all North Carolinians

NC Democrats introduce ‘Freedom to Vote Act’ to protect free and fair elections for all North Carolinians

On Wednesday, Democrats in the state House (HB 293) and Senate (SB 226) introduced the Freedom to Vote Act, an elections bill that would ensure free and fair elections for all North Carolinians.

At a press conference this week, Democrats said that they want their ideas for gerrymandering reform, voting rights and elections administration to be heard by voters even if Republicans won’t vote for the legislation.

Legislators said that it’s important for voters to know that these are policies they would enact if they could. Still, it’s also imperative that they address the election conspiracy theories and attacks on voting rights supported by many Republicans.

Multiple changes the NCGOP has made over the past decade in order to make voting harder have been ruled unconstitutional due to racial discrimination. The Freedom to Vote Act would make voting more accessible and end gerrymandering – two things that have helped Republicans remain in power in the legislature.

One important factor that many people probably don’t think about regarding voting rights is funding the NC Board of Elections. Ensuring that the NCBOE has enough funding will increase voting access for everyone through increased online registration and increased early voting locations and times.

Our state is strongest when we all have a voice in decisions that impact our lives. That’s why it’s important that North Carolina Democrats are fighting to make voting safer, fairer and more accessible for everyone.

It’s essential that voters remember they have the power. As Sen. Kandie Smith (D-Greenville) said, “conservative members of the General Assembly are so afraid of voters’ power, they are working to pass laws that limit our chances to cast our votes and have that vote be counted.”

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