Mark Robinson is North Carolina's Lieutenant Governor and the Republican nominee to be our next Governor.

Robinson wants to pass a total ban on abortion with no exceptions, slash funding for public schools, strip science and history out of elementary school curriculum, and make it easier for guns to fall into the wrong hands in our communities. It's clear that his agenda will make North Carolina a worse place to live and raise a family.

What's more, he has a long history of hateful comments about women, Black people, and LGBTQ people. His affinity for conspiracy theories, including spreading lies about the 2020 election, QAnon, and Holocaust denialism, is alarming for a potential head of state. And his history of not showing up for work and stiffing people he could easily pay demonstrate his weak moral center.

Don’t let Mark Robinson fool you. He is a far-right extremist who will put radical politics and fame before you and your family.

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