Progress North Carolina Action specializes in rapid response media to promote progressive ideals without fear or compromise. Through creative messaging and online campaigns, we advocate for issues important to a growing majority of people in our state. Much of our work involves supporting other progressive organizations by providing them with media expertise. We are proud to count North Carolina’s leading good government, social justice, women’s rights and environmental groups among our partners.

Here are some issues we have worked on recently:

Child At SchoolEDUCATION: We are highlighting the dismal state of teacher pay in North Carolina and the negative effect these noncompetitive salaries have on retention of good teachers, the quality of education our children receive and, ultimately, student achievement. We are also publicizing the far right special interests behind North Carolina’s new education “policies” and activating our base to fight against legislation destructive to our public schools.

We are shining a light on the many conflicts of interest between the McCrory Administration and big campaign donors such as Duke Energy. We are also raising the media profile of corruption and unethical practices in state agencies, such as the hiring of political cronies and well-connected consultants at the Department of Health and Human Services.


NC_Senate_In_SessionACCOUNTABILITY: We keep a close eye on the General Assembly, educating North Carolinians on what new laws have been filed, how lawmakers are behaving, how proposed legislation will impact their lives, and who to contact to provide input on pending legislation. We also let them know who to hold accountable once laws are passed and the effects of them on North Carolinians are felt.


Florida Election 2008VOTING RIGHTS: We are making sure North Carolinians look beyond far right talking points and truly understand just how restrictive North Carolina’s new voting laws are. We fought hard to preserve Early Voting for all North Carolinians and intend to be out front educating voters on their options in 2014 so that every citizen can exercise their right to vote.