Newspaper that Endorsed McCrory Says Enough is Enough: Time to Concede

Newspaper that Endorsed McCrory Says Enough is Enough: Time to Concede

The Greenville Daily Reflector was one of the only newspapers in our state to endorse Pat McCrory for re-election. On Sunday they called on McCrory to stop his frivolous and unfounded protests and concede his loss to Roy Cooper. 

With #OneTermPat trailing by more then 9,000 votes, there’s simply no path to victory. Add your name and demand he concede for the good of our state.

From the Greenville Daily Reflector editorial,

If any race was “rigged” this election year, it might be North Carolina’s race for governor — not rigged to determine the winner, but seemingly to drag as much confusion, anguish and discontent as possible out of voters in both parties. Enough follow-up work now has been done by the State Board of Elections to conclude that Attorney General Roy Cooper has won this election. It is time for Gov. Pat McCrory to concede and preserve what’s left of his good will and dignity — and the people’s.

Unofficial results from McCrory’s request to the State Board of Elections’ for a recount  had Cooper ahead of McCrory by about 6,500 votes from nearly 4.7 million cast. That is up from about 5,000 votes on election night two weeks ago. Cooper claims the margin is wider and will be reflected as counties complete their formal tabulating.

McCrory, however, shows no signs of giving up. His campaign is supporting formal protests in at least 35 counties that allege potential miscounts, absentee ballot fraud and ineligible votes cast by dead people or convicted felons. A spokesman says Cooper wants to bypass the legal steps for examining votes.

There have been enough fraud allegations and charges of tampering to sour voters on the election process for the next two cycles. Someone is probably rubbing his hands and twirling his moustache right now about that.

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