Statement on Charlotte LGBT ordinance repeal, HB2 “compromise”

Lawmakers must provide assurances that HB2 repeal session will not turn into another partisan power grab

RALEIGH — Progress NC Action released the following statement on Monday in response to reports that Charlotte City Council has repealed its LGBT protections in exchange for the full repeal of HB2 by December 31:

“We continue to support the full repeal of HB2, but we’ve also seen just in the past week that Sen. Berger and Speaker Moore have no intention of operating in good faith when it comes to special sessions,” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress NC Action. “In order to prevent this from turning into yet another partisan power grab, lawmakers must provide assurances that HB2 will be the only issue lawmakers take up — and that they will not revisit the issue in the future once HB2 is repealed.”

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Logan Smith

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