UNC and Duke Have One Thing in Common: Both Coaches Hate HB2

UNC and Duke Have One Thing in Common: Both Coaches Hate HB2

With the news that the NCAA might pull all championship games from North Carolina for the next 6 years, coaches Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski have spoken out. They don’t agree on much, but they do agree on at least one thing: HB2 needs to be repealed immediately. The two coaches have made statements about the bill, acknowledging its absurdity and the detrimental impact it’s having on North Carolina. And they know better than anyone else how much of a difference having NCAA tournaments in their home state makes.

From Greensboro News & Record:

Williams, the coach of the North Carolina Tar Heels, called the state’s notorious anti-LGBT rights law “a stupid rule” following Carolina’s victory over Notre Dame Sunday in the Greensboro Coliseum. “It’s just that it’s ridiculous and what it’s doing to our state and the reputation of our state,” Williams said.

Krzyzewski, who will lead his Duke Blue Devils against bitter rival Carolina tonight in Durham, has been equally clear, and pointed, about HB 2.

“It’s an embarrassing bill,” he said last summer. “That’s all I’m going to say about it.”

Yet the ill-conceived “bathroom law” continues to stand, and continues to do serious harm to North Carolina’s image and economy. An attempted repeal of HB 2 fizzled in December. Since then, there’s been some talk of another try, but no action.

On Tuesday, Republican lawmakers blamed Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat. But the onus is on the Republicans. And they know it. Cooper has called for an up-or-down vote on HB 2. Republicans say they don’t have enough support for repeal. Cooper insists otherwise. There’s one sure way to find out: Vote, before it’s too late.

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