Raleigh News & Observer: After latest Obamacare repeal setback, NC Republicans want Congress to try again

Raleigh News & Observer: After latest Obamacare repeal setback, NC Republicans want Congress to try again

Following the Senate’s failed “skinny repeal” of the ACA, North Carolina Republican Senators and Representatives are speaking out. They are willing to do anything to repeal the ACA, despite the 16 million Americans who would have lost their health care had the “skinny repeal” passed. Both North Carolina Senators Thom Tillis and Richard Burr have voted in favor of repealing the ACA, no matter how many constituents told them it would hurt them. It’s clear the North Carolina Republican Senators and Representatives are only looking out for themselves and not the people.

From Raleigh News & Observer:

North Carolina Republicans Richard Burr and Thom Tillis voted in favor of all three Senate measures this week and said that more work is needed on the nation’s health care system.

“I am disappointed that the Senate could not pass legislation to address the health care crisis facing our country,” Burr said in a statement. “Though we were unable to come to a resolution, our health care system is still broken, costs continue to rise, and Americans have fewer options for health care coverage. I will continue to keep my promise to North Carolinians by working to provide relief to families burdened by the unbearable weight of Obamacare.”

Said Tillis: “The majority of members of Congress made a promise to the American people to repeal and replace Obamacare with solutions that will help control the cost of premiums and provide more choices and flexibility for families and individuals. While today’s vote was unsuccessful, we cannot accept the status quo as Obamacare continues down an unsustainable path, and Congress has an obligation to keep pursuing solutions to fix our nation’s broken health care system.”

Democrats, who have rebuffed attempts to repeal former President Barack Obama’s signature domestic achievement, were pleased with Friday’s vote in the Senate.

“While last night’s news is a great relief, the fight to protect the ACA is far from over,” said Rep. David Price, a Chapel Hill Democrat.

“Very relieved waking up knowing millions of Americans still have healthcare. It’s time we all come together to strengthen & improve the ACA,” Rep. Alma Adams, a Charlotte Democrat, posted on Twitter.

Rep. Ted Budd, a first-term Republican whose district stretches south and west from Greensboro, said he remains “committed to repealing Obamacare.”

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