WRAL: ‘Sham’ maps slammed: Public blasts lawmakers over redistricting

WRAL: ‘Sham’ maps slammed: Public blasts lawmakers over redistricting

The Republican-led General Assembly gave citizens very little notice, very few locations, and very little space to allow the public to comment on the new proposed maps.  Nevertheless, citizens turned out all over the state by the hundreds to voice their grave concerns about these new maps.  These maps are more of the same undemocratic maps was the overwhelming opinion. Hundreds of citizens stood up and spoke out demanding fair maps now.  Will the map makers listen?


Calling proposed legislative district maps and the process used to draw them a sham, hundreds of North Carolina residents slammed state lawmakers Tuesday, saying they need to start over in trying to replace voting maps federal courts have deemed illegal.

Lawmakers face a court-imposed Sept. 1 deadline to adopt new House and Senate district maps, and tentative votes on the proposed maps have been scheduled for Friday and next Monday.

Seven public hearings were held simultaneously across the state Tuesday afternoon to gather input on the proposed maps, which were rolled out over the weekend. A steady stream of people criticized the maps as no better than the maps drawn in 2011. The U.S. Supreme Court in June upheld the findings of a panel of three federal judges who found that the Republican-led General Assembly illegally packed too many black voters into a few districts to strengthen GOP districts elsewhere.

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