“Two-Faced Tillis’s” latest game of mental gymnastics

“Two-Faced Tillis’s” latest game of mental gymnastics

As he gears up for a tough reelection campaign, Thom Tillis has become less of an occasional flip-flopper and more of a mental gymnast, capable of taking one contradictory position after the other as he attempts to curry favor with North Carolina voters while also sucking up to Donald Trump.

This time, “Two-Faced Tillis” claims to be concerned about “foreign intervention” in the case of the Steele Dossier, while Tillis also professes to fully trust Trump’s judgment in cases of foreign governments offering opposition research on his political opponents.

  • This isn’t the first time “Two-Faced Tillis” has flip-flopped over the Mueller investigation. Tillis originally filed a bill that would protect Mueller from partisan interference, then switched sides and went silent on any attempt to stop Trump from sandbagging the investigation.
  • In February, Tillis published an op-ed promising to vote against Donald Trump’s bogus “national emergency” which Trump is using to get around Congress to build his racist, pointless border wall.
  • But then conservative Rep. Mark Walker threatened to primary Tillis in 2020, and Tillis’s opposition to the border wall magically evaporated. When it came time to vote on the legislation to block Trump’s emergency declaration, Tillis did the exact opposite of what he promised to do.
  • Thom Tillis loves to brag about supporting the troops, but North Carolina military installations are being hit with half a billion dollars in cuts thanks to Tillis’s flip-flop on Trump’s border wall. Stealing billions of dollars, meant for our troops and their families, in order to build Trump’s vanity border wall is not the answer.

his is yet another example of “Two-Faced” Thom Tillis talking a big game in the media, but collapsing when it’s time to actually do something about it.

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