Jewish constituents urge Tillis to denounce Trump’s anti-semitism

Jewish constituents urge Tillis to denounce Trump’s anti-semitism

Two weeks ago, President Trump accused Jewish people who vote for Democrats of being “disloyal.” This is the same person who has referred to neo-Nazis and KKK members as “very fine people.” 

On Friday, a group of Thom Tillis’s constituents and members of the Triangle Jewish community attempted to meet with the senator and urge Tillis to stand with American Jews and denounce Trump’s anti-semitic comments at a time when violence and hatred toward our community continues to increase.  

  • The charge of “disloyalty” is a centuries-old anti-semitic trope that has historically been used to incite violence against Jewish communities.
  • Trump’s hate-filled rhetoric has been echoed in the manifestos of white nationalists who have brought violence and death to our synagogues and communities.
  • Just last week, KKK members were photographed right here in the Triangle waving a banner reading “Help make America great again — join the Loyal White Knights.”

Sen. Tillis, do you stand with the Jewish community against Trump’s anti-semitic and white nationalist rhetoric, or will you remain silent as the leader of your party and our country incites distrust and hatred of American Jews — including many of your own constituents?

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Logan Smith

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