Gerrymandered NC congressional maps struck down — AGAIN

Gerrymandered NC congressional maps struck down — AGAIN

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before — a three-judge panel has struck down North Carolina’s gerrymandered congressional maps, throwing the upcoming election into turmoil. Didn’t we just leave this party?

  • North Carolina voters have had enough. Anyone who thinks Republican leaders are remotely capable of drawing electoral maps that aren’t gerrymandered to benefit the GOP simply hasn’t been paying attention.
  • For nearly a decade, legislative Republicans have used their unfair advantages to run roughshod over our state’s government, looting state coffers to give enormous tax cuts to the wealthy, protecting polluters instead of public health, and systematically dismantling our once-great public education system.
  • Over and over again, GOP leaders have been ordered to draw new maps after the old ones were found to unfairly rig the system in favor of Republicans. And over and over again, they’ve has responded by drawing new maps which… You guessed it, unfairly rig the system in favor of Republicans.
  • Every single map which Republicans have drawn since taking control of the General Assembly in 2010 has been tainted by either racial or partisan gerrymandering — and often both. There is no way the GOP majority can be trusted to draw fair maps now without strict public scrutiny.
  • In recent years, North Carolina elections have been blatantly rigged through gerrymandering, to the detriment of communities across our state. We know there is a direct link between dirty, polluting corporations and the politicians who take their donations. North Carolina deserves a healthy democracy and a healthy environment for our families.
  • There is only one way to finally stop this never-ending cycle of GOP gerrymandering and court intervention — elect a legislative majority who will pass a nonpartisan redistricting law and take party politics out of the equation once and for all.

A system that allows partisan gerrymandering is a system that will inevitably be rigged for partisan gain. Democrats must break the cycle by fighting for an independent redistricting panel.  

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