Statement on NC Senate’s failure (again) to hold budget vote

Statement on NC Senate’s failure (again) to hold budget vote

Lacking the votes to override Cooper’s veto, Republicans continue to play games instead of governing

RALEIGH — Progress NC Action released the following statement on Tuesday in response to Senate leader Phil Berger’s failure — once again — to hold a vote on Gov. Cooper’s veto of the Republican budget proposal:

“How long are Republican leaders going to keep playing games with the state budget?” asked Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress NC Action. “Either hold a vote and admit that Republicans don’t have the support to override Gov. Cooper’s veto, or start negotiating with Democrats for a budget that helps everyone in our state instead of giving yet another tax cut to big corporations. If the only way Republicans are able to pass their budget is by finding a time when their opponents are not in the room to physically vote, then that’s probably a good sign that the GOP budget proposal is bad for our state.”

Logan Smith

Communications Director

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