House Minority Leader challenges GOP leaders to lie detector test over budget ambush

House Minority Leader challenges GOP leaders to lie detector test over budget ambush

This morning, House Minority Leader Darren Jackson challenged Republican leaders to take a lie detector test in order to settle competing claims over the budget ambush vote orchestrated by Speaker Tim Moore earlier this month.

Republican leaders claim they merely took dishonest advantage of a miscommunication to House Democrats as if that wouldn’t be bad enough. Jackson says GOP leaders flat-out lied to him about taking no votes during the skeleton session in question, and says he passed a lie detector test proving as much.

Jackson challenged Republican leaders including Moore, House Rules Chairman David Lewis, and Reps. Jason Saine and Jon Hardister to put their contradictory claims on the line by taking their own lie detector test.

  • It’s a sad state of affairs when politicians are forced to challenge each other to lie detector tests, but it shows how Speaker Moore has utterly demolished any lingering trust that may have remained in the General Assembly.
  • At this point, the only thing that can remove the stain of dishonesty with which Moore has irrevocably tarnished the General Assembly is for Moore to submit to a polygraph or resign.
  • If GOP leaders truly believe they only took advantage of their own miscommunication instead of flat-out lying to House Democrats, then it should help their case to prove it with a lie detector test. But does anyone actually believe they’re telling the truth? If they are telling the truth, they can prove it.. bu taking a polygraph.

The GOP majority has once again shown they cannot be trusted to lead our state. No amount of dishonesty is beneath them, and the people of North Carolina are paying the price.

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Logan Smith

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