NC United for Survival & Beyond calls for needed protection of vulnerable populations during the outbreak

Yesterday, 10 demands were expressed during a press conference hosted by over 60 North Carolina organizations in a coalition effort to address needed protection for vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 outbreak. 

North Carolina’s Governor Roy Cooper and the General Assembly, were called out to prioritize the health and safety of NC families, workers, uninsured immigrants, and incarcerated people.  

Their demands are as follows:
Healthcare is a human right and no person should be denied care and treatment;

  • Housing is a human right and no person should be homeless, live in fear of eviction or displacement; 
  • All of our families matter; parents and caregivers must be supported regardless of family size, citizenship status, gender, ability, and sexual orientation; 
  • From domestic, city, and healthcare workers to retail and service workers, contractors, and educators: All workers deserve livable wages, benefits, safety, dignity and protection;
  • ICE does not keep our communities safe or resolve a broken immigration system; migrants and refugees have the right to live free from fear; 
  • Prisons and detention centers are not the answer to the challenges facing our society and pose a significant health risk to both incarcerated individuals and workers during this pandemic;
  • Democracy must work not just for corporations and the elite few who can pay to have their profit-driven agendas prioritized, but for all of us.

The coalition states that North Carolina has almost $1.2 billion in the Rainy Day fund and $2 billion in unappropriated funds that can be allocated to vital services, pass a comprehensive state budget and enact a fair revenue structure.

Tell Governor Roy Cooper, Speaker Tim Moore, & Senator Berger, we demand action NOW to protect families, workers, the uninsured, immigrants, and incarcerated people.


Alanna Joyner

Stay Informed