House budget writers adopt the extreme view that NC constitution is optional

House budget writers adopt the extreme view that NC constitution is optional

Last week, the Republican-led state House unveiled it’s 600+ page budget that falls short of truly investing in North Carolina. House lawmakers voted 72 to 41 on Thursday to give final approval to their $25.7 billion budget plan that prioritizes tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy while ignoring the needs in education, public health and our state’s infrastructure.

Written behind closed doors, the state House budget lacks transparency, equitable policies and  addressing North Carolinians’ long-standing unmet needs.

For several years now, Republicans in the North Carolina legislature, led by Sen. Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore have resisted every call to adopt Medicaid expansion, give teachers and state employees a decent wage, and rightfully invest in the future of children across our state. 

Through the latest state House budget, Republicans are doing what they know best; prioritizing corporations and the wealthy while choosing to violate the state’s constitution, denying 500,000+ North Carolinians’ health care coverage, censoring how we teach our kids, and failing to make once-in-a-generation investments in our communities.

Bottom Line: 

The pandemic has impacted communities across our state and increased long-neglected needs. With negotiation talks on the horizon, North Carolina Republicans should go back to the drawing board and follow Governor Roy Cooper’s blueprint in moving North Carolina forward through equitable, transparent and sustainable means.

Alanna Joyner

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