Leandro judge done waiting for budget compromise

Leandro judge done waiting for budget compromise

On Monday, Superior Court Judge David Lee signaled that he’s ready to formally demand legislators to fund a remedial plan that will ensure students across the state have the opportunity for a sound basic education. 

The state’s landmark school funding case has been delayed until Nov. 8 — giving time for 

attorneys representing underfunded school districts and parents in the long-running Leandro school funding lawsuit to draft an order they want Lee to sign that would direct the legislature to fully fund public education.

With the final weeks of budget negotiations coming, the state’s General Assembly has the opportunity to act responsibly and pass a budget that fully funds the court-ordered education plan. 

As a recent editorial states, “It is past time to end the legislative leadership protracted and childish obstinance. The school-yard taunts and insults of the judge and misleading insinuations about the consensus remedial program are undignified and must stop. It has been Judge Lee’s deliberate, respectful and thoughtful approach that helped forge a consensus among the opposing parties in the Leandro lawsuit”.

Bottom Line:

For decades, children across North Carolina have been denied a fundamental right promised to them by the state’s constitution. With a comprehensive remedial plan, the steps to undo this decades long-failure have been presented, yet Republicans leaders continue refusing to invest in the children of our state.

Once again, Republican legislative leaders have a choice. They can continue prioritizing political gains or stand with the children, educators and families across our state by upholding the state Constitution and fully funding the Leandro remedial plan.

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