NC redistricting hearing speakers criticize GOP proposals

NC redistricting hearing speakers criticize GOP proposals

This week, North Carolina Republican lawmakers began posting draft versions of new congressional maps online, with several of the maps visibly indicating that GOP leaders are yet again drawing districts that give their party an advantage in future elections.

Local community members, activists and Democrats called out the GOP’s efforts during redistricting public hearings on Monday and Tuesday — prompting proposals for Republicans to shelve the congressional maps

Republican leaders hinted at producing a transparent and fair redistricting process, but so far, it has been anything but that. 

A rushed process riddled with inadequate time for citizen participation on maps, lack of translation services and limits on the number of North Carolinians that are able to provide public comments during hearings — out of millions of residents — clearly tells us Republican leaders intentions. Ensuring political advantage for their own at the expense of our voices and fair representation

Let Republican leaders know that you and your community will not settle for less when it comes to your representation by submitting a virtual public comment at

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