North Carolina gets two “F” and a “C” in Making The Grade — fairness in school funding —

North Carolina gets two “F” and a “C” in Making The Grade — fairness in school funding —

Amid calls for Republican leaders to increase public school funding, the Education Law Center’s Making the Grade 2021 annual report on school funding paints a clear picture of the impact of our state lawmakers’ repeatedly prioritizing tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations over investments in education.

The data, based on North Carolina’s 2018-2019 school year, shows school funding in the state is among the lowest in the U.S., with grades of “F,” “C,” and “F” given out for funding level, funding distribution and funding effort.

For the past decade, North Carolina’s Republican legislative leaders have failed in providing students with access to a sound, basic education. The result of their chronic neglect and underfunding is visible throughout our state, with school districts experiencing staff shortages, failing air conditioners, undrinkable water, crumbling buildings and more.

With lawmakers sitting on a $6.5 billion surplus, federal stimulus and relief funds, North Carolina can readily afford to cure the symptoms of persistent and chronic lack of state funding for our schools by making adequate and equitable investments as outlined in the Leandro Remedial Plan. 

Bottom Line:

The blueprint has been created, the funding is readily available to execute the plan. Now it’s time for Republican leaders to make the right step forward in ensuring our students and educators receive the educational opportunities that they deserve. 

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