North Carolina Voters, Including Republicans, Want Fair Election Maps

North Carolina Voters, Including Republicans, Want Fair Election Maps

Amid ongoing redistricting litigation, a new poll from Progress NC Action highlights North Carolina voters’ support for election maps that are fair and constitutional.

This comes as several lawsuits from groups and residents across North Carolina are pending to challenge the new legislative lines. The lines in question are the congressional and legislative maps which recieved an “F” rating on partisan fairness by the Princeton Gerrymandering Project

The maps give the GOP a clear advantage while depriving communities across the state of effective representation — prompting North Carolinians and prominent leaders across the country to call out Republican leaders’ egregious efforts.

  • Overall, 74 percent of respondents, including Republicans, support efforts by state courts to ensure that maps are fair and constitutional.
  • The poll also found 72 percent of respondents say gerrymandering in North Carolina is a problem, with nearly half calling it a “very serious” problem. Most Democrats and Republicans believe state courts should be aggressive in limiting gerrymandering, according to the poll.
  • In addition to supporting efforts by state courts to ensure maps are fair and constitutional, a majority of respondents, including Republicans, believe that Justice Phil Berger Jr. should recuse from hearing cases involving his father, Senate Leader Phil Berger.

Historically, NC Republican lawmakers have repeatedly tried to give themselves unfair political advantages through racially-motivated gerrymandering and voter suppression laws that block our communities, particularly Black, Brown and marginalized communities, from exercising their constitutional right to vote.

This poll highlights that North Carolina voters are tired of these discriminatory tactics and want our state courts to take action in ensuring our maps are fair and constitutional.

Bottom Line:

As Democratic judges before have ruled in the interest of protecting democracy rather than political gain in the past, we hope current Republican judges will follow in their footsteps. 

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