State Supreme Court Reviews Gerrymandered Maps This Week

State Supreme Court Reviews Gerrymandered Maps This Week

The state’s ongoing redistricting trial makes it stop at the North Carolina Supreme Court this week, amid calls for recusal, an attempt by the GOP to control the election time, and a veto to stop Republicans from undermining the state’s voting process.

Wednesday’s scheduled hearing comes after a trial court panel ruled that GOP lawmakers drew maps with extreme partisan intent –  agreeing with expert testimony that the drawing of the districts give Republicans a heavy advantage. Despite the acknowledgement, the court ruled the maps were not unconstitutional. 

It’s now up to the State Supreme Court to decide whether extreme partisanship in redistricting violates voting rights protections under the state constitution. 

For years, NC Republicans have repeatedly attempted to over step the separation and powers and meddle in our elections. To keep themselves in power, Republicans have crafted unfair maps that dilute the voting power of those who oppose them, attempted to change how judges are elected and have repeatedly threatened to impeach judges if they make decisions they don’t like.

These attacks by Republicans stem from the same ugly legacy of Jim Crow that has pushed states to suppress voters, erect deliberate barriers to voting, and undermine the public’s faith in the legitimacy of the judiciary.

Ultimately, our communities should have the freedom to choose the representation that they desire, and our justices should be able to uphold their duty to be fair and impartial without any attacks.

Bottom Line:

It’s up to our State Supreme Court to throw out these gerrymandered maps and protect voters from efforts to deny certain communities their rights at the expense of free elections and fair representation.Watch the trial live on Wednesday via the N.C. Supreme Court YouTube Channel.

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