New report shows NC teacher turnover is rising

New report shows NC teacher turnover is rising

According to a new report, the rate of North Carolina teachers retiring or leaving their job increased last year. Compared to the previous year, more than 600 teachers left their teaching job in the state

Although the attrition rate is well within what the state Department of Public Instruction thinks is average, several long-standing unmet needs have prompted educators for years to reconsider the profession. 

North Carolina’s Republican-led legislation has dragged its feet when it comes to investing in the state’s public schools. Republicans have relied on stingy teacher pay and school funding, which has resulted in decades of neglect and our students losing high-quality educators. 

The Leandro Comprehensive Remedial plan provides a solution on how the state can undo its 27+ year failure by supporting teachers and support staff, fully funding early childhood education, and helping lower childcare cost

Bottom Line:

The blueprint is there, it’s up to state Republican leaders whether they’ll continue to ignore the realities educators and students are facing in order to advance their political ambitions or adhere to the state constitution in rightfully (and adequately) investing in our schools.

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Alanna Joyner

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