Supreme Court denies NC GOP challenges to congressional maps

Supreme Court denies NC GOP challenges to congressional maps

Monday brought a significant victory for North Carolina voters, as the U.S. Supreme Court denied a request by Republicans challenging the state’s congressional map

The request comes after the state Supreme Court’s approval of state Senate and House maps and the special expert drawn Congressional map – throwing out Republican’s old congressional map that would have given their party a clear advantages in 10 of 14 congressional seats at the expense of voters.

  • This move by the U.S. Supreme Court, “reinforces that legislatures do not have a ‘free pass’ to violate protections against partisan gerrymandering when drawing districts that undeniably hurt voters. North Carolinians can now expect to vote in elections under fair Congressional maps free of back-door dealings, extreme partisanship, and racial discrimination,” stated Hilary Harris Klein, Senior Counsel for Voting Rights at the Southern Coalition for Social Justice.
  • The Supreme Court’s decision has green lighted the use of the legislative and Congressional maps as ordered by the state courts in the 2022 elections.

For too long, Republicans have used racial and partisan gerrymandering to strip away fair representation from communities across our state.

The recent ruling by the Supreme Court reaffirms that every individual’s vote must count equally.

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Alanna Joyner

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