Amid Republican-led attacks, President Biden directs federal agencies to protect LGBTQ+ rights

Amid Republican-led attacks, President Biden directs federal agencies to protect LGBTQ+ rights

Across the nation, including North Carolina, Republicans are spearheading a campaign targeting LGBTQ+ students through discriminatory bills.

Republican-led state legislatures have taken pages out of their GOP counterpart agendas, and have attempted to pass their own versions of “Don’t Say Gay” bills, book bans and laws to ban transgender youth from participating in school sports.

To counter these discriminatory efforts, President Biden signed an executive order on Wednesday to strengthen LGBTQ+ protections as controversial anti-LGBTQ measures continue to increase. 

  • The historic executive order will crack down on the highly controversial practice of “conversion therapy”,  and will direct the Department of Health and Human Services to develop policies for states on how to expand access to comprehensive health care for LGBTQ+ patients and creating inclusive school policies for LGBTQ+ students.
  • The order also expands access to suicide prevention and mental health resources, supporting an initiative to protect foster youth, prevent homelessness, and improve access to federal programs, among other measures.
  • “These executive orders will have even more impact for those living at the intersection of multiple identities, making our country safer for Black and Brown LGBTQ+ people, disabled LGBTQ+ people, LGBTQ+ parents, and more,” stated Kendra R. Johnson, Equality NC Executive Director, in a press statement. “These orders push us closer to lived equality: a time where people can inhabit all of their identities and thrive in our society.”

At a time when Republicans are increasingly pushing forth discriminatory laws, attempting to overturn reproductive rights for millions and attacking education, strengthening protections for our most vulnerable communities is necessary. 

Instead of standing with Democrats and passing legislation that will help Americans thrive, Republicans are opting to do what they know best; fueling hate through an assault on our freedoms and wellbeing of our communities.

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Alanna Joyner

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