Taking a look at the state of legislative races in NC and what they mean for our state’s future

Taking a look at the state of legislative races in NC and what they mean for our state’s future

North Carolina voters have a chance this fall to choose the destiny of our state – vote to get enough Democrats elected to prevent Republican supermajorities in the General Assembly or give right-wing idealogues full control.

WRAL took a look at the state of this fall’s state legislature races where voters across the state will make their decision on who they want to represent them in 170 different House and Senate elections. The choices that voters make will impact their lives and the lives of everyone else in the state.

According to WRAL, among the most likely changes we could see in our state if Republicans get a supermajority are:

  • Abortion restrictions – a possible ban or tighter restrictions at the very least
  • Medicaid expansion – some Republicans support it, but that could change depending on if, or which, Republicans win
  • Bans or limits on how educators talk about race, sexuality and gender, plus a requirement that teachers tell parents if students question their sexual identity
  • More tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations
  • Looser gun restrictions
  • Tougher anti-protesting and rioting laws

Every one of those issues is one where bills were vetoed by Gov. Roy Cooper or Republicans never passed because they knew that the governor would veto them anyway.

Cooper, who has spent his five years as governor with a divided government, has overseen a number of substantial economic successes and has called on voters to “hold the line” against Republicans in order to prevent the party’s harmful ideas from becoming law.

If North Carolinians want to avoid seeing just how harmful a radical Republican supermajority can be in 2023 and beyond, they must show up to vote. It’s as simple as that. Turnout is almost always the key to winning and this November’s midterm election is no different.

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