Countdown To Election Day – Let’s Get Out The Vote!

Countdown To Election Day – Let’s Get Out The Vote!

We’re now into November and the end is in sight for our nation’s lengthy run-up to the midterm elections. Election Day, Nov. 8, is less than a week away.

Early voting, which began on Oct. 20 in North Carolina, will remain open through Nov. 5, so there’s still time to beat the Election Day rush if you are able to make it to an early voting location in your county by Saturday.

This year’s election will have massive impacts both in North Carolina and across the nation. Here in the Tar Heel State, voters will have some very important decisions to make ranging from the hyperlocal (county commissioners and school board seats) to the federal level (U.S. Senate and U.S. House races).

At the state level, Republicans are hoping to flip enough seats to get a supermajority in the General Assembly so that they can override any potential vetoes by Gov. Roy Cooper. In addition, the NCGOP is hoping to win at least one Supreme Court seat, which could give them a 4-3 majority. Democrats currently have a 4-3 majority.

Among the most likely changes we could see in our state if Republicans get a supermajority are:

  • Abortion restrictions – a possible ban or tighter restrictions, at the very least
  • Medicaid expansion – some Republicans support it, but that could change depending on if, or which, Republicans win
  • Bans or limits on how educators talk about race, sexuality and gender, plus a requirement that teachers tell parents if students question their sexual identity
  • More tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations
  • Looser gun restrictions
  • Tougher anti-protesting and rioting laws

Each of these is an issue where Cooper either vetoed a bill or Republicans never voted on a bill because they knew that he would use his veto power.

If North Carolinians want to avoid seeing just how harmful a radical Republican supermajority can be in 2023 and beyond, they must show up to vote – and bring a friend (or a few of them) if you can.

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