Republican MAGA extremists’ victories in NC on Super Tuesday could be great news for Democrats – if they take these candidates seriously

Republican MAGA extremists’ victories in NC on Super Tuesday could be great news for Democrats – if they take these candidates seriously

Super Tuesday ended up being a “super” day for North Carolina’s right-wing MAGA extremists as Donald Trump (president), Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (governor), Rep. Dan Bishop (attorney general) and Michele Morrow (public schools superintendent) all won their primaries – but it was also a (potential) big win for the state’s Democrats.

In the days since the March 5 primary, North Carolina and the rest of America have been properly introduced to these extremists via coverage from NC-based media outlets as well as national newspapers, magazines, news outlets and TV networks. Much of the focus has been on Robinson and Morrow, and what is being learned about these candidates is what those in North Carolina’s political circles have known for several years – the candidates are dangerous extremists who pose a real threat to freedom, justice and individual rights in the Tar Heel state.

Some people see the victories by these extremists as a massive chance for Democrats to win some very important Council of State seats and potentially turn North Carolina blue in the presidential election for the first time since 2008. The News & Observer’s Ned Barnett wrote that having Trump, Robinson, Bishop and Morrow on the ballot will have voters show up in droves – for Democrats.

“Re-running Donald Trump for president is polarizing enough. Now the state’s Republican voters have nominated vitriolic Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson for governor, Dan Bishop, the caustic ‘bathroom bill’ architect and election denier, for attorney general and Michele Morrow, an anti-public schools zealot, for superintendent of public instruction,” Barnett wrote.

Democrats have a great chance to win multiple important seats. However, it must be noted that the party still won’t be able to take control of the legislature or keep three or four Congressional seats, due to gerrymandering. Still, the chance will be there to break up the NCGOP’s veto-proof supermajority in the General Assembly. Breaking up the supermajority, plus a Josh Stein victory over Robinson, could seriously change North Carolina’s future for the better.

A WRAL poll released earlier this week shows that it won’t be easy for Democrats to win these races unless serious efforts are made to reach out to undecided voters and convince younger Democrats and left-leaning independent voters to show up and vote. According to the poll, Stein leads Robinson by two points (42%-40%), but 15% of voters remain unsure of who they will vote for. When it comes to the attorney general’s race, 19% are undecided between Rep. Jeff Jackson (41%) and Bishop (40%), and 19% of voters haven’t made up their mind yet between Morrow (41%) and Mo Green (40%). All the races are within the 4.9% margin of error and all are considered statistical dead heats.

On a somewhat lighter note and while speaking of voting, don’t forget, you can vote in our “Mark Madness” bracket by clicking here. Voting for this round ends on March 19!

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