Mark Robinson is vying to be the first Black governor of North Carolina, but his views and hateful comments put him in diametric opposition to the ideals many Black leaders have fought for over the decades.

In honor of Father’s Day and Juneteenth, Martin Luther King III, son of Civil Rights heroes MLK Jr. and Coretta Scott King, and a human rights activist in his own right, is speaking out against Robinson.



  • Robinson routinely mocks the Civil Rights Movement, Black history, and Black culture. He called MLK Jr. an inferior pastor and the Greensboro sit-ins a “ridiculous premise.” What’s more, Robinson has defended Confederate monuments, said Black people are the ones who owe for slavery, and called Black culture a “dismal failure.”
  • Robinson uses vile language and ugly stereotypes to talk about the Black community. He routinely questions the work ethic and intelligence of Black people, says Black people “love to kill each other” and embrace “deviant, hypersexual behavior” and has referred to Black men as “deadbeat” and Black women as “whorish.” 
  • Robinson uses his faith as a weapon. He has spoken out against women leaders, routinely targets members of the LGBTQ community, and says Jesus Christ is going to spite his political enemies.
  • Robinson routinely minimizes the horrors of police brutality and even mocked victims. Robinson has criticized Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, and Alton Sterling and even once said in reference to police brutality, "You better be glad it wasn’t me. I would have shot you 30 times. I would have emptied every magazine I had on him."
Martin Luther king jr. III (square)