Joe & Kamala

The overturning of Roe v. Wade has been a disaster for this country.

Many states, including North Carolina, have passed abortion bans. With restrictive and confusing laws, some women are being turned away from emergency rooms and others are forced to remain pregnant against their will. 


Every person should be free to make personal medical decisions about their own body. That’s why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have made protecting abortion rights a cornerstone of their administration. They know that reproductive freedom is essential to living safe, happy lives.


They have strongly condemned states that have rolled back our rights and put access to fertility treatments like IVF in danger. And they’ve taken action to safeguard patient privacy and protect access to medication abortion and contraception.


And they are not done yet. The Biden-Harris Administration is dedicated to restoring the right to reproductive freedom we all deserve.


For more information on the work the Biden-Harris Administration has done to protect reproductive rights, click here


Joe & Kamala