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The latest news:

NC Republicans finally agree on a budget – and it’s full of right-wing priorities; teachers, state employees will barely get raises

By Patrick Zarcone | September 22, 2023

It took more than 80 days of secretive negotiations and an uproar over a move to tie Medicaid expansion to casino legislation, but Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly finally agreed on a budget on Wednesday afternoon.

UNC students, anti-gun violence advocates take gun control message straight to NC Republicans

By Patrick Zarcone | September 15, 2023

Tired of their pleas being ignored, members of March For Our Lives UNC, along with other anti-gun violence advocates, rallied outside the NCGA in Raleigh and then took their message straight to Republicans inside.

NC budget update: NCGOP leaders prioritize Las Vegas-style casino resorts, anti-LGBTQ+ hate over teachers, workers and Medicaid recipients

By Patrick Zarcone | September 8, 2023

In North Carolina, teacher pay, public school funding, state employee raises and health care for 600,000+ residents are all dependent on Republicans in both chambers coming to an agreement and passing legislation.

NCGOP targeting voting rights, fair districting with voter suppression bill and plan to gerrymander maps to their advantage

By Patrick Zarcone | September 1, 2023

Republicans will override the governor’s veto of SB 747, but a date for the vote has not been announced. After the vote is held, they will turn their attention to gerrymandering our maps in the fall and winter.

NC students, underpaid teachers are heading back to under-funded, short-staffed schools as NCGOP continues to ignore the budget

By Patrick Zarcone | August 28, 2023

“This plan is clear: Starve public schools of what they need to succeed and then criticize them for their shortcomings,” Rep. Julie von Haefen (D-Wake) said.

Bills targeting trans youth are now NC law after Republicans override 6 of Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes

By Patrick Zarcone | August 18, 2023

“The legislature finally comes back [and they] pass legislation that discriminates, makes housing less safe, blocks FEMA disaster recovery funding, hurts the freedom to vote and damages our economy,” said Gov. Cooper.

NC Republicans are hoping you can’t vote – here’s how to make sure you have the proper ID come Election Day

By Patrick Zarcone | August 11, 2023

“This new process should not discourage or prevent any eligible individual from voting and having their ballot counted,” NCSBE executive director Karen Brinson Bell said. “The State Board and county boards of elections are here to assist any voter who needs an ID or has questions about this law.” 

Did you know? Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson isn’t just full of hate, he’s also a big-time conspiracy theorist

By Patrick Zarcone | August 4, 2023

Robinson’s staff may be able to prevent him from showing up at conspiracy theorist events like ReAwaken America, still, they can’t erase the long paper trail showing the beliefs he shares with these same people.

Team Biden sets sights on winning North Carolina in 2024

By Patrick Zarcone | July 27, 2023

Considering the state’s “fresh abortion ban, a contentious, expensive gubernatorial race and steady population growth that has ballooned urban and suburban areas,” Team Biden is seeing the possibility of winning.

While Republicans take an extended summer vacation instead of working on the budget, North Carolinians are suffering

By Patrick Zarcone | July 21, 2023

There is currently no budget agreement between the two chambers and it will likely be weeks before anything arrives at Gov. Roy Cooper’s desk.