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‘Project 2025’ is the right wing’s dream scenario – and it’s shockingly close to becoming a reality

By Patrick Zarcone | July 12, 2024

Project 2025 is a right-wing Christian Nationalist U.S. government takeover plan put together by Donald Trump’s MAGA loyalists – and it’s finally starting to get the attention it deserves.

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson visits NC church, tells congregation that his political opponents ‘need killing’

By Patrick Zarcone | July 12, 2024

The view that “leftists” have an outsized amount of power to target, attack and persecute conservatives is commonly expressed among the MAGA crowd as a way to justify right-wing political violence.

Republican-led NCGA overrides 3 of Gov. Cooper’s vetoes; New laws include changes to campaign finance laws, mask ban targeting protesters

By Patrick Zarcone | June 28, 2024

On Wednesday, House Republicans overrode three of Gov. Cooper’s vetoes. On Thursday, the Senate voted to override those same bills, meaning that they are now the law in North Carolina.

Progress NC Action releases 2 new ads featuring Martin Luther King III speaking out against Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s extremism

By Patrick Zarcone | June 21, 2024

“Mark Robinson’s history of racist, homophobic, and bigoted comments show that he is unfit to lead in North Carolina,” said Martin Luther King III. “[W]e want to be clear: My father would not support Mark Robinson, and Mark Robinson is nothing like my father.”

Anti-education zealot Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson joins extremist group Moms for Liberty as they hold advocacy day at NCGA

By Patrick Zarcone | June 14, 2024

“Our teachers deserve our respect and appreciation. Mark Robinson calls them ‘wicked people’ and ‘demons.’ He just wants to fight job-killing culture wars,” said a spokesperson for AG Josh Stein’s campaign.

NC Senate Republicans attach new proposal to controversial anti-masking bill to create a ‘money laundering scheme for Mark Robinson’

By Patrick Zarcone | June 7, 2024

North Carolina Senate Republicans were up to their usual anti-democratic tricks again on Thursday when they introduced a surprise proposal to make changes to state campaign finance law – and then attached it to a controversial anti-masking bill.

After being the first president to get impeached twice, Donald Trump is now the first one to be convicted of a felony (34 of them…so far)

By Patrick Zarcone | May 31, 2024

There is a lot of injustice in the world, but Trump facing the consequences of his actions is not one of them. Trump’s baseless claims that the trial was a “witch hunt” or that it was “rigged” are an insult to those who have suffered in our criminal justice system.

F**k the haters: June is LGBTQ+ Pride Month!

By Patrick Zarcone | May 31, 2024

Pride is about loving who you love, embracing who you are and being who you were meant to be. Sometimes, the greatest act of resistance is to be who you are and to continue to love in a world that’s increasingly pushing us toward hate.

The UNC System Board of Governors – handpicked by the GOP – votes to repeal DEI policies at 17 system campuses

By Patrick Zarcone | May 24, 2024

Diversity, equity and inclusion programs exist to help students from diverse backgrounds find success and feel accepted on college campuses.

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week and NC Republicans just passed a bill diverting taxpayer money from public schools to a private school voucher program

By Patrick Zarcone | May 11, 2024

Gov. Roy Cooper said that the money Republicans are spending on the private school voucher program would be enough to pay for 8.5% average raises and $1,500 bonuses for most public school teachers.