STATEMENT: Trump must apologize for inciting DOMESTIC TERRORISM

STATEMENT: Trump must apologize for inciting DOMESTIC TERRORISM

So-called “MAGA Bomber’s” North Carolina ties under scrutiny as Trump visits Charlotte

CHARLOTTE — With Donald Trump scheduled to lead a rally in Charlotte on Friday night, new reports show that the so-called “MAGA Bomber” — the Trump mega-supporter accused of mailing pipe bombs to nearly a dozen prominent Democrats over the last few days — once lived in Charlotte himself.

Given the suspected MAGA Bomber’s strong support for Trump, and the fact that he targeted prominent Democrats and media figures which Trump has frequently referred to as “enemies of the people,” Progress NC Action is calling on Trump to apologize for inciting domestic terrorism. The NC Republican Party should also denounce the president’s violent rhetoric.

“The link between Donald Trump’s violent rhetoric and the acts of domestic terrorism he incited could not be more clear,” said Gerrick Brenner, executive director of Progress NC Action. “When Trump routinely calls the media and prominent Democrats ‘enemies of the people,’ it should not surprise anyone that one of his supporters took him seriously and turned violent words into violent actions. When Trump visits Charlotte tonight, he must apologize for inciting these acts domestic terrorism. And the NCGOP should do the right thing and denounce this reprehensible violent rhetoric coming from the leader of their party.”


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