NEW POLL Shows an Overwhelming Majority of North Carolinians Want Mueller Report Made Public

Question: When will NC’s Senators speak up to demand the Muller report be made public? Poll shows strong majority also wants Sen. Thom Tillis to support public release of full report

RALEIGH – After the overwhelming 420 to ZERO vote by U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday to demand the Mueller report be made public, Progress NC Action along with Protect the Investigation is releasing a new poll and survey showing that a whopping 79% of NC voters think that Special Counsel Robert Mueller should produce a full, public report on findings from their investigation.

Voters also believe Sen. Thom Tillis should speak up in support of a public report.

The survey was conducted by Public Policy Polling on behalf of Progress NC Action in conjunction with Protect the Investigation between March 7-8. Results reflect the findings of 653 registered voters in North Carolina using automated phone interviews.

Key findings from the memo show that:

  • An overwhelming majority of those surveyed want maximum transparency when it comes to the full investigative findings of the Special Counsel’s work.

    • 79% think the Special Counsel investigators should produce a full, public report on findings from their investigation.

    • 75% think Senator Thom Tillis should publicly support the release of a full, public report from the special counsel investigation.
  • Most North Carolina voters agree that the Special Counsel’s investigation has yielded results.

    • 59% believe that the Special Counsel investigation has already uncovered crimes by associates close to Donald Trump.
  • There is an almost universal consensus among North Carolina voters when it comes to holding the President to the same standard of justice as anyone else.
  • 89% agree with the statement that “no one is above the law, not even the President of the United States, and the American people deserve to know if President Trump or anyone in his inner circle committed crimes, obstructed justice, or threatened the rule of law.”

“North Carolina voters want the uncensored truth and the unvarnished facts behind serious questions on Russian influence on our 2016 presidential election,” said Faisal Khan of Progress NC Action. “Voters know we won’t get those facts unless the Mueller report is made public. The overwhelming vote in the US House is recognition that voters across the nation share this view. Voters also want Senators Tillis and Burr to do the right thing and demand that the Mueller report be made public.”

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