David Lewis’s $500K “loan” from indicted donor doesn’t pass the smell test

David Lewis’s $500K “loan” from indicted donor doesn’t pass the smell test

Source: Dennis Draughon, Capitol Broadcasting

Another day, another example of Republican corruption. This time it comes in the form of a $500,000 “loan” given to Rep. David Lewis by a GOP donor who was later indicted for bribery along with fellow GOP mega-donor Greg Lindberg.

  • Lewis says his friend John Gray gave him the $500,000 loan in 2018 because his farm needed help. At the same time, Gray and his co-defendant Greg Lindberg were trying to push the General Assembly to loosen insurance regulations. Now, why would anyone find that suspicious?
  • Gray and Lindberg were indicted earlier this year for trying to bribe other Republican politicians. They only got caught because Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey went to the FBI. How many recipients of Gray and Lindberg’s alleged bribes didn’t go to the FBI?
  • Times are tough for North Carolina farmers. But they’re a lot tougher for farmers who don’t happen to be powerful members of the state legislature who pal around with people indicted for trying to bribe politicians.

David Lewis’s so-called “loan” simply doesn’t pass the smell test, and the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office should investigate this corrupt deal.

Logan Smith

Communications Director

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