Progressive Pulse: Moore and Berger are the ones who are late, not Cooper

Progressive Pulse: Moore and Berger are the ones who are late, not Cooper

In a news conference Monday afternoon, NC House Speaker Tim Moore called out Gov. Cooper, stating that the governor should have mobilized the National Guard troops faster to deal with recent protests over the death of George Floyd.

In Trump-like fashion, Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger and the Republican lawmakers, reiterate Moore’s statements, expressing an escalation approach rather than Cooper’s balanced response.

Moore’s statements also came as President Donald Trump threatened to end the protests through military force — encouraging governors to use aggressive tactics on protestors. 

Moore and Berger have clearly shown their prioritization of replaceable property over human lives. 

As Rob Schofield from the Progressive Pulse said, “If anyone is late when it comes to public policies that relate to the protests we’re experiencing now, it’s been the politicians like Berger, Moore and their allies who have been a part of the problem”.

Moore stating that racial inequality is a “serious issue”, contradicts his and Berger’s many years of suppressing black voters through gerrymandering, implementing discriminatory voter ID laws, and dismantling of the social safety net. 

As Moore and Berger sit on their high chairs and lead a caucus with not a single member of color, their interest in sowing discord rather than leading, should not go unnoticed. 

With their commitment to giving tax cuts to the wealthy and big corporations, while gutting funding to healthcare, education, worker protections, community economic development, the social safety net, environmental protection, civil and human rights and dozens of other unmet needs, Berger and Moore are just as out of touch with their constituents as ever. 

Bottom Line: They are the problem and the only solution is to vote for leaders who place a higher value on human lives over property and profit. 

Alanna Joyner

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