Ex-lawmaker David Lewis pleads guilty to felonies. Prosecutors recommend no jail time

Last week, former NC Rep. David Lewis, became the state’s latest prominent Republican to become a convicted felon. 

Lewis, who funneled campaign dollars to his family farm, pleaded guilty to making false statements to a bank and for failing to file a 2018 federal tax return. Lewis will be sentenced at a later date, but prosecutors have said they will not seek active prison time.

David Lewis, along with other GOP leaders like Tim Moore and fellow convicted Greg Lindberg and Robin Hayes, have a long history of using their power for their own interests. Most notably, Lewis and Moore were known to have led the charge on racially gerrymandering North Carolina, suppressing Black voters and denying many North Carolinians fair representation.

In Trump-like fashion, Lewis abused his privileged role that was granted to him by voters for his own enrichment. 

For that, Lewis should not have gotten a slap on the wrist and avoided prison, but rather held far more accountable for violating public trust and exploiting his position for personal and partisan gain.

Alanna Joyner

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