T.R.U.E Report Delivers the Facts on Real Issues Impacting North Carolina Schools

T.R.U.E Report Delivers the Facts on Real Issues Impacting North Carolina Schools

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 9, 2021 

Contact: Durrell Johnson, Communications Director


The lack of funding has resulted in crumbling schools, teacher shortages and North Carolina’s students being the victims of state politics.

NORTH CAROLINA – For too long, the Republican-led North Carolina General Assembly has underfunded North Carolina’s schools, leaving teachers and staff left to bear the burden. Today, Progress NC Action released their findings from the True Reporting of Underfunding Education (T.R.U.E.) Portal to shed light on the impact of chronic neglect and underfunding of North Carolina schools.

Between September 29 to October 29, 2021, the T.R.U.E Report Portal received 592 cited reports from parents, educators, and concerned citizens on the challenges facing our cash-strapped schools. Every story submitted paints a unique, yet troubling picture of the true reality of what many of our schools face. 

“Teachers are overworked and underpaid and no one seems to care. We have to wear so many hats and it’s not fair because this causes a lot of stress on teachers and causes health problems. People talk about self-care but teachers sometimes do not have the time or the money to take care of themselves. Lawmakers need to come into the schools and see what teachers have to do on a daily basis and get paid very little,” a North Carolina teacher submitted.

Ultimately, the true fact is that our schools are underfunded and need resources. Our educators are overworked, underpaid and short-staffed while giving our students the best education possible under challenging circumstances.

“My children’s teachers and administrators have shown tremendous grace and patience under challenging and uncertain circumstances and worked hard to convey positivity and provide as normal a school experience as possible under the circumstances. I consistently see teachers working to help students become critical and agile thinkers and kind and open-minded citizens; they are forward-thinking and constantly adjusting to new demands, and they’re doing a wonderful job,” a North Carolina parent submitted.

Equitably and adequately funding our public schools as outlined in the Leandro Remedial Plan should go without question. Ensuring our state fully funds education is not only a constitutional obligation, but a moral imperative and a basic right.

Parents, educators and concerned community members across the state have spoken, it’s time for our lawmakers to listen and rightfully invest in our children, our students, and North Carolina’s future.

T.R.U.E Report: ncschoolfacts.com. For updates, follow @ProgressNow_NC on Twitter and Progress North Carolina Action on Facebook.


Alanna Joyner

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